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So Smooth, So Satisfying!

Finally, great coffee. It’s been so long since I had a decent cup of coffee, I’d forgotten what it tasted like. I made pour-over coffee this morning, the aroma and taste is so smooth and satisfying that I’ll be buying all my coffee here. It’s the best coffee I’ve ever had. I’m drinking a cup as I write and can’t tell it’s decaf, it’s that good. If you want a full-flavored coffee without the caffeine, definitely try this.

Fantastic coffee.

Tried coffee from other suppliers. Always seem to come back to this brand. Well worth the money spent. 5 star


Coffee is so smooth.

Best coffee

Love waking up every morning to to a cup of vanilla macadamia nut coffee! I recently stopped using and sweetener or dairy in my coffee and with this coffee I still feel like I’m indulging every morning. 10/10 would recommend. Excited to try their other flavors


Dark and full of flavor but very smooth and easy to drink.

Delicious Mexican Chocolate

I bought the Hula Pie and Coconut Cream coffees, both are really good. I also got the Mexican Chocolate which is absolutely delicious in the Hula Pie coffee with a little cinnamon sprinkled on the top! Definitely would recommend all of the above 😊

My favorite!

Kaanapali Estate is delicious and consistent! Always my go-to brew in the morning. And even more special to be able to enjoy these beans and support a Maui local business during these times.

Smooth and delicious

This is a great roast. Dark but not too dark. No bitterness at all. Rich. Smooth and delicious. Takes me back to Maui every morning.

Extremely happy with the purchase

Dark, non-acidic, deep flavour I would like from my coffee. Really awesome top-notch quality beans. Thank you.

Extremely happy with the purchase

Enjoying the dark flavour of this awesome quality product. Can't believe that it's decaf. Beans look top-notch quality.

Awesome quality

Really enjoying the chocolate flavour. The quality of these beans is top-notch.

Maui Nō Ka ‘Oi

This Vanilla Mac Nut Coffee is THEE BEST by far. Tried a lot of others and does not compare to this one. Always ordering more for sure!


Love the Chocolate Mac Nut Coffee. It is very well balanced with the hint of chocolate that is a great way to start your morning.

The only coffee for me

Love the Vanilla Mac nut coffee. It is by far my favorite flavored coffee. Smooth and flavorful.

Our Absolute Favorite

My wife and I had the great fortune to live in Hawaii for five magical years, and spent a great deal of time on Maui. We discovered Maui Mokka and fell in love instantly. We enjoy it on the weekends and it instantly transports us back to Maui every time. Maui Nō Ka ‘Oi!

Kaanapalu Peaberry

Mild, smooth, flavorful coffee. There is no bitterness or acidity. We use both size pods.

Kona Peaberry - terrific!

Incredibly mild and smooth coffee.
Free of any bitterness. This has become our everyday selection.

Rich and smooth

This coffee captures the Aloha spirit for me- I want to be completely present to sense and taste the richness and smooth feeling it brings. Mahalo Hawaii!!

Best coffee ever

Every time we go to Maui we stay in Napili and our first stop is Maui coffee to buy for our room. It is truly the best and I am so happy we can order this online. Our hearts and prayers are with you all on the island. Thank you for your hospitality ❤️🙏

Love Maui

It’s been a while since I had this coffee was always my go to!! The best of both worlds light and dark roast simply tastes like the island. I hope and pray that you are safe and ok❤️ Mahalo from a long time loyal friend.

Decent Hawaiian Blend

Overall this blend is ok, at least the one I received this round. Will probably try again as it will vary over time but this one was a bit over roasted in my opinion and lacked depth. Still a decent cup of coffee but not as good as others from them.

Just the best

Great aroma and even better flavor. Smoothest coffee I’ve ever had.


I am so glad these beans are available for shipping! I love peaberry coffees, so this Ka'anapali peaberry a real delight for me. It's a dark roast, and the flavors are deep and nuanced. I prepare it as a pour-over, which brings out a really full-bodied cup of coffee. Excellent coffee!

Hula Pie
Coffee worth the shipping price!

I bought this coffee when I was visiting Maui for vacation and I stayed right next to this coffee shop. Once I tried their coffee, I went everyday after that and Hula Pie was my favorite. It revived my love for coffee! Now that I am back on the main land, I still can't get enough and purchase this coffee regularly - definitely worth the cost of shipping!

Totally addicted!

First had this coffee while on vacation on Maui. A year & a half later and we are still ordering it! YOLO and we’ll worth the price to drink an ultra premium coffee each morning. Love this coffee!!