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Hawaiian Dark Roast Coffee & Café Blends

We have been developing premium Hawaiian coffee café blends in cooperation with our Maui coffee shop partners for many years. Our award-winning Hawaiian dark roast coffee and café blend varieties keep the cafés full of loyal coffee-lovers. Now you can enjoy the same luxury in your own home with our carefully handcrafted Hawaiian coffee blends. These blends are perfect for home espresso preparations, cold brews… or just a bold, hot cup of coffee. Try the Maui- or Kona-based café blends for truly unique flavors.


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Like it Dark!

Years ago, we set out to craft a blend in the style of an espresso bar in an Italian caffé. The result, our Italian Blend, became the mainstay of our Hawaiian espresso bars. With its heavy body, long finish and velvety crema, Italian Blend delivered an Old World coffee experience in the mid-Pacific. Over time, we expanded on our success with Italian Blend eventually creating a range of coffees that capture all the best attributes of dark roasts. If you’re a home barista, a cold brew enthusiast or a lover of dark roasted coffee, check out our Dark Roasts and Hawaiian Café Blends collection.

Dark Roasts – the Big Three

We developed our Italian Blend especially for traditional espresso preparations. Then, we worked on a recipe for a slightly milder, smoother barista-friendly blend that we called our Espresso Roast. That was before cold brew became popular. When cold brew started taking off, we started working on new blends that would work best in that format, but our Espresso Roast beat them all every time. Nowadays, all our coffee shops serve cold brew Espresso Roast and we always have some on hand at our roastery, too.

We also needed an excellent dark roast that was optimized for drip brewers. Our French Roast hit the target. Rich and round, it’s an indulgence whether black or light and sweet. It too has proved a mainstay in our coffee shops.

Italian Blend, Espresso Roast and French Roast are our big three dark roasts. Wonderful on their own, they also made great foundations for blends, including our Hawaiian Café Blends.

Hawaiian Café Blends

We envisioned a line of coffees that would combine the richness of traditional Continental espresso with the characteristic flavors of Hawaiian coffee. Our Hawaiian Café Blends do just that. Maui Espresso and Kona Espresso feature Kā’anapali Dark and Kona Dark respectively. Maui Mocha and Kona Mocha feature the same Hawaiian coffees with an added note of chocolate coffee especially for Mochas. With their naturally low acid and their striking flavor profiles, these Hawaiian coffees made for perfect barista blends.

Some Other Blends You Might Like

Our dark roasts figure prominently in other blends that we offer. Taste of Paradise is one of our most popular signature blends consisting of 50% Kona #1 and 50% Italian Blend. Maui Surf, contains French Roast – a perfect counterpoint to the medium-light Maui coffee in the blend.

Next Level Barista – Single-Origin Hawaiian Coffee

Our Dark Roasts and Hawaiian Café Blends make it easy to be a successful home barista. When you’re ready for a new challenge, level up and try one of our single-origin Hawaiian coffees in your espresso machine. 100% Kā’anapali Mokka – Darker Roast, 100% Kā’anapali Dark and 100% Kona Dark all make excellent choices. Good Luck!

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