Great News!

After an unexpected disruption of our operation, we are returning to full capacity!

Thank you to our friends and supporters who offered words of encouragement!

Thank you, too, to any of you who delayed placing orders recently.  Please feel free to place those orders now.  

Flavored coffee and single-serve pods will be available again starting Friday, December 6th. 

Aloha and Mahalo!  Yours in coffee,

-Jordan and Melissa at The Coffee Store

Grown in the Hawaiian Islands, roasted in small batches on Maui. The finest coffee from our shores to yours. A labor of love from farm to flame to cup.

Premium Hawaiian Coffee Roasted in Maui

We specially roast our handcrafted premium Hawaiian coffee on Maui and handle it with care so that you can get an unbelievable range of flavors delivered straight to your door. We strive to elevate the taste and quality of the coffee you drink by creating unique blends of artisan roasted Hawaiian coffee. We make buying Hawaiian coffee online simple—plus, our specialty coffees make the perfect gift for any coffee-lover in your life. We have various blends and roasts, including Kona coffee, Maui coffee, dark roasts, café blends, and many more flavors, for you to discover.

Taste the difference of our premium Hawaiian coffee for yourself, and quickly find your new favorite morning coffee blend.