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100 Percent Kona Coffee

Kona has a much-deserved iconic status in the world of premium specialty coffee, and the coffee just keeps getting better year after year. The farms are predominantly small family operations where the harvesting is done by hand and the processing is meticulous. Rich volcanic soils lend a buttery mouthfeel and powerful aromatics to these beloved coffees.


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Get to know Kona Coffee

Kona Coffee is one of the world’s most famous, most highly-prized coffees. You might be surprised to find out that such a renowned coffee actually comes from a tiny growing region. The Kona Coffee Belt is only 30 miles long and barely one mile wide. The coffee farms arrayed along this landscape are mostly small, family-run operations of just a few acres. Mechanical harvesting is rare – most of the coffee is hand-picked one cherry at a time. It’s a true labor of love performed by a small group of dedicated farmers, many of whom have several generations of coffee-growing family heritage. This attention to detail really sets Kona Coffee apart.

You can taste the difference. Kona Coffee is at once smooth and striking. Experience nutty flavor notes, complex overtones of fruits and herbs and a savory aroma. Indulge in the buttery mouthfeel and the clean finish with just a lingering trace of cocoa and hazelnut.

We partner with Kona’s top coffee growers to bring you a variety of options. Our 100% Kona Collection features a range of different roasts, an assortment of different grades of coffee including Peaberry, and even organic coffee (when we can keep it in stock). If you’re not sure which one to try first, read on for some guidance.

Light, Medium, Dark or Ecstasy

If you love a dark roast, try our 100% Kona Dark. It’s full-bodied, full-flavor… fabulous in drip or espresso preparations with low acidity and lots of natural sweetness.

If you’re looking for a light roast, our 100% Kona Blonde is bright and aromatic with almond notes and a silky mouthfeel.

One of our favorites is our signature 100% Kona Pure Ecstasy. It’s a 50/50 mix of dark- and medium-roasted Kona coffee. If you want boldness, richness, smoothness and nuance, this coffee is the best of all worlds.

Medium roast drinkers have a few options. Read on for information about the different grades of Kona Coffee.

Extra Fancy, Fancy and #1

The Hawaii Department of Agriculture grades all coffee grown in the State based on bean size and quality. Choose any of the following in a medium roast:

100% Kona Extra Fancy – the highest grade, the biggest beans, one of the finest coffees you will taste.

100% Kona Fancy – We roast this one a notch lighter than the Extra Fancy. Perfect for the true coffee-lover’s palate.

100% Kona #1 – Still a highly-graded coffee, this is our most affordable 100% Kona option.

Don’t forget Peaberry and Organic

Our most popular Kona Coffee is our 100% Kona Peaberry. Unlike its ‘flatbean’ counterparts that grow two per cherry, Peaberry coffee grows one per cherry giving it an oblong shape. It’s denser and roasts more evenly, so coffee mills go to great effort to separate it out of the harvest and sell it at a premium. We roast it ‘City’ (medium+) for a remarkable full-flavor brew.

Another ultra-premium option is 100% Kona Organic, roasted medium. Good for the earth, great in the cup! You can also try 100% Pure Organic Ecstasy, our 50/50 mix of medium- and dark-roasted 100% Organic Kona Coffee.

Kona Blends

The page you’re on now features 100% Kona single-origin coffee. To view our coffee blends, visit our Favorite Blends collection page. Our blends offer generous proportions of premium Kona Coffee at an affordable price. Check out Taste of Paradise – 50% Kona Coffee, Buzz Blend – 40% Kona Coffee and Kona Blend – 30% Kona Coffee. Our blends are clearly labelled and delicious – don’t fall for a ‘Kona Blend’ that hides its laughably-low 10% proportion in the fine print!

Keurig Compatible Pods and Nespresso-style capsules

Here at The Coffee Store, we make all our own single-serve pods fresh in-house. If you’re craving premium Kona Coffee in Keurig or Nespresso ‘Originaline’ format, look for the link on any product page that reads: Click here for Keurig compatible pods & Nespresso-style capsules. Or, you can view all our selections on the Keurig Compatible Pods and Nespresso-Style Capsules collection page. We offer boxes of 12 Keurig compatible pods and boxes of 36 Nespresso-style capsules of most of our coffees. Please allow us an extra day to prepare these orders.

Enjoy! A hui hou!

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