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Don’t be fooled by the odd appearance of the beans produced by the Mokka varietal. They may be small in size, but they’re huge in flavor. You’ll taste red fruit, hazelnut, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Choose between 100% Kā’anapali Mokka – Lighter Roast, 100% Kā’anapali – Darker Roast and 100% Kā’anapali Mokka Ecstasy (50/50 lighter/darker). If you’re lucky enough to find 100% Kā’anapali Mokka Peaberry in stock, try it! It’s as wonderful as it is rare!
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Maui Mokka from the Ka’anapali Hillside

Maui is an esteemed coffee-producing region with many prized and delicious coffees, but one stands out year after year. Maui Mokka, exotic in flavor and appearance, is the coffee that has cemented Maui’s reputation as a premier coffee-growing island. Get to know this unique bean and find out why it’s known as the ‘Champagne of coffees.’

Maui Mokka, the Bean

Coffee from the Maui Mokka varietal is instantly recognizable by its tiny round beans. These tiny beans grow in tiny coffee cherries on plants that are tall, unruly and low-yielding. You might wonder why any coffee farmer would choose to cultivate this varietal… until you taste it.

Mokka in the Cup

It’s common for coffees to have flavor notes that evoke chocolate, but Maui Mokka takes it to a whole new level. Here at The Coffee Store, we’ve had numerous customers demand to know what we put in the coffee to make it so chocolaty. We don’t add anything – that’s just the flavor of the coffee. Intense chocolate notes harmonize with supporting notes of dried fruit, hazelnut, wine and slight smokiness making for a heady, indulgent brew.

Mokka, Moka, Mokha… not to be Confused with Mocha

The Maui Mokka varietal has a genetic heritage that traces back to the very earliest days of the coffee trade in the Yemeni Port of Mokha. The varietal is also sometimes spelled Moka or Mokha. It can get confusing, since Mokha is the origin of many coffee-related terms.

Mocha, for example, usually refers to a coffee preparation with chocolate flavoring, or any coffee-and-chocolate flavored dessert. For example, our Maui Mocha blend is infused with chocolate-flavored coffee, not coffee from the Mokka varietal.

To learn more about Maui Mokka and its history and heritage, you can read about Maui Mokka in our blog.

Our 100% Ka’anapali Mokka Offerings

At lighter roast degrees, Maui Mokka is sweet and smooth, with a potent note of milk chocolate. The aroma evokes hazelnut and dried fruit and the finish is clean and quick. If you love coffee roasted on the lighter side, our 100% Kāʻanapali Mokka - Lighter Roast is not to be missed.

Roasted darker, Maui Mokka develops intense dark chocolate notes as well as a subtle smokiness. Try our 100% Kāʻanapali Mokka - Darker Roast for an incredible, full-flavor brew that is velvety and indulgent.

We're also proud to offer 100% Kāʻanapali Mokka Ecstasy, a 50/50 mix of our lighter and darker roasts. Here again, chocolate is the transcendent flavor note, with complex supporting notes of nuts and fruit and wine and smoke.

One of our rarest and most prized coffees is our 100% Kāʻanapali Mokka Peaberry. If you'd like to know more about peaberry coffee and what sets it apart, read our All About Peaberry blog. Suffice it to say that our Mokka Peaberry is outrageously flavorful. Naturally-processed, our medium roast highlights the fruit-and-chocolate cup character of this award-winning coffee to perfection. If we have some left in stock, it's always worth trying. If not, check back in the springtime when the new harvest comes in.

The Champagne Of Coffees

Rare and wonderful, difficult to produce and highly-esteemed, an iconic representation of origin and history... It's no wonder Mokka is considered 'The Champagne of Coffees'. We invite you to experience the big flavor in this tiny bean. Aloha from our shores to yours!

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