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100% Maui Coffee

Here at The Coffee Store, some of our favorite coffees come from our home island of Maui.  For a small island, Maui boasts a vast array of climates and soil conditions. Our 100% Maui coffees are incredibly diverse, but certain traits resonate throughout our offerings: mild acidity, lush aroma and smooth finishes. 


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Get to know Maui Coffee

From the windward jungles to the leeward deserts, from the sunbaked beaches to the cloud forests of the uplands, Maui is a study in ecological diversity. It’s no wonder that the coffee grown here is as wonderfully varied as the island itself.

Maui has myriad small coffee farms and one commercial plantation. Recently, large new tracts of coffee groves have been planted on land where now-defunct sugarcane plantations once grew, so Maui’s commercial-scale coffee production is due to increase in the coming years.

Here at The Coffee Store, we’re fortunate to call Maui our home. It’s a great place to live for a lot of reasons, not least of which is the incredible access to world class locally-grown coffee. One of our great pleasures is working with our friends and neighbors who farm coffee, crafting roasts that highlight the unique attributes of their crop, and sharing the results with you whenever we can. We have a dizzying array of different selections, many of which come from tiny farms and go out of stock quickly. It can make choosing the best coffee tricky, especially for folks new to Maui coffee. Please read on for a tour of our offerings.

100% Kā’anapali Estate, 100% Kā’anapali Dark, 100% Pure Maui XXX

These coffees are a great place to start if you’re new to Maui coffee. We roast Yellow Caturra coffee from West Maui’s Kā’anapali hillside to make these Maui classics. Low in acid, fruit-forward and bursting with aroma, these coffee offer something for everyone. Choose between the medium-light Kā’anapali Estate, the rich and bold Kā’anapali Dark, or our signature 50/50 mix of the two: 100% Pure Maui XXX.

100% Kā’anapali Peaberry

If you like Kā’anapali Estate, you’re going to love Kā’anapali Peaberry. These are the rare beans that grow one per cherry instead of the usual two. The beans are denser and rounder and they roast up beautifully. For a Maui coffee with some extra sparkle, Kā’anapali Peaberry is not to be missed.

mmm… Mokka

Don’t be fooled by the odd appearance of the beans produced by the Mokka varietal. They may be small in size, but they’re huge in flavor. You’ll taste red fruit, hazelnut, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Choose between 100% Kā’anapali Mokka – Lighter Roast, 100% Kā’anapali – Darker Roast and 100% Kā’anapali Mokka Ecstasy (50/50 lighter/darker). If you’re lucky enough to find 100% Kā’anapali Mokka Peaberry in stock, try it! It’s as wonderful as it is rare!

100% Pure Maui Typica

The Kona Typica varietal is the coffee that made Kona famous. Try this same varietal grown on the neighboring but disparate Island of Maui. Smooth and subtle, it’s strikingly different from Kona coffee, but with an appeal all its own.


Waiakoa, Olinda, Nau… These are the hardest coffees to keep in stock, but also some of the most delicious in the world. Check often for availability. The hidden reaches of Upcountry Maui hold untold coffee riches!

Maui Blends

The page you’re on now features 100% Maui single-origin coffee. To view our coffee blends, visit our Favorite Blends collection page. Our blends offer generous proportions of premium Maui Coffee at an affordable price. Check out Haleakalā Sunrise, Maui Surf and Maui Blend. Our blends are clearly labelled and delicious – don’t fall for a ‘Maui Blend’ that hides its laughably-low 10% proportion in the fine print!

Keurig Compatible Pods and Nespresso-style capsules

Here at The Coffee Store, we make all our own single-serve pods fresh in-house. If you’re craving premium Maui Coffee in Keurig or Nespresso ‘Originaline’ format, look for the link on any product page that reads: Click here for Keurig compatible pods & Nespresso-style capsules. Or, you can view all our selections on the Keurig Compatible Pods and Nespresso-Style Capsules collection page. We offer boxes of 12 Keurig compatible pods and boxes of 36 Nespresso-style capsules of most of our coffees. Please allow us an extra day to prepare these orders.

Enjoy! A hui hou!

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