100% Maui Manu 'Ula
100% Maui Manu 'Ula

100% Maui Manu 'Ula

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A rare offering from The Coffee Store, this microlot coffee is seldom available and never for very long.   

We are offering this coffee in two very different roasts.  Our Sunrise roast can be described as a City roast - slightly richer and more developed than a normal medium roast.  It is creamy caramel in the cup with notes of almond and vanilla.  It has converted more than a few cream-and-sugar folks to black coffee drinkers...

Our Volcano roast is our very darkest roast. Few coffees would be so delicious at such a dark roast degree. This coffee retains its nuance with a cup character that is strong, smooth and bursting with notes of dark chocolate and sugar cane syrup.

Select Sunrise, Volcano or one of each from the pull down menu.