maui coffee store about 

Founded in 1974, The Coffee Store was the first Specialty Coffee Shop in the Hawaiian Islands.  Back then, most people bought cans of mass-produced ground coffee from the supermarket.  There wasn’t really any alternative.  We set out to elevate the Hawaiian Coffee Experience, bringing artisanal roasting and Farm-to-Cup sourcing to our Maui coffee shops.

We were fortunate to be in a prime coffee-growing region as well as an international tourist destination.  We made it our mission to find Hawaii’s finest coffees, roast them to perfection and share them with coffee-lovers in the Islands and around the world.

At the heart of our operation has always been our roastery.  Perched on the slopes of Maui’s Haleakala volcano, our roastery is cooled by the Pacific trade winds and inspired by sweeping views of Maui’s North Shore.  We roast in small batches and the utmost care is taken to ensure that every roast develops optimal flavor and aroma.  We craft blends designed to emphasize the best attributes of our various coffees.  We are continually tasting, tasting, tasting… continually honing our technique in the quest for delicious coffee.  We package and ship all our coffee at optimal freshness.  Visiting coffee-lovers are invited to stop in, get a tour of our facility, and leave with the roastery-fresh coffee of their choice.  Give us a call at the number below to set up a time to stop by.

The Coffee Store has opened many coffee shops over the years, and we have supplied many others locally and internationally.  Today, you can enjoy our coffee at select coffeeshops on Maui, as well as via mail order worldwide.  Here on, you will find an extensive menu of premium Hawaiian coffees.  We offer a variety of our most popular blends, a selection of excellent international coffees, flavored coffees, decaf and gifts.  We also make coffee pods compatible with Keurig (K-Cup) and Nespresso machines in-house, giving our customers the unique opportunity to try premium Hawaiian coffees in single-serve formats.

We remain committed as ever to providing the finest coffees the Hawaiian Islands have to offer.  Contact us anytime – we’re always happy to help you make the best coffee selection!

The Coffee Store
2120 Lilikoi Rd
Haiku HI 96708
(800) 327-9661