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Holoholo Ridge - 100% Maui Coffee

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  • Grown with Aloha on a Family Farm in Upcountry Maui

  • Hand-picked and Meticulously Processed

  • Extremely Rare, Ultra-Premium Microlot Coffee

What if one coffee offered the best attributes of Upcountry Maui coffee and the refinement and flavor palate of a high-grown Ethiopian coffee?  Holoholo Ridge is 100% Maui grown with the powerful aromatics, lingering sweetness and syrupy mouthfeel you'd expect from the Valley Isle's finest beans.  It also has a remarkable blueberry-tinged brightness, evoking the East African highlands.  Roasted medium-light to best highlight the breadth of subtle flavors.... Indulge!


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Customer Reviews

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For the most extreme and expensive coffee Ive bought this far in this store more so than Kona or Jamaican Blue mountain, this IS IN A CLASS OF ITS OWN! The flavor is going to go down like butter and give you flavor like no other, so unique I can’t put my finger quite on the notes! But I guess chocolate is one! But OUTSTANDING IS THE OTHER! Splurge and buy yourself this amazing microlot! These roasters and planters of amazing farms that grow these fabulous unique beans are out of this world and so very worth every penny I spent on it! Thank you for creating it! 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️🙌🙌🙌👍👍👍

Best coffee I have ever had

The aroma and taste of this coffee are sublime. I never thought I would spend so much on a pound of coffee, but after I received Holoholo as part of a mystery order, I wanted to splurge on more.

Holoholo dynamite

Best coffee I’ve ever had. Really unbelievable flavor and aroma. Truly outstanding.

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What is the Coffee Club Subscription?

Our Coffee Club Subscription is a hassle-free way for you to enjoy freshly roasted, high-quality coffee delivered right to your doorstep. Customize your preferences, choose your frequency, and let us take care of the rest.


Is your coffee 100% grown on Maui?

We offer many coffees that are 100% grown on the island of Maui.  Check out our 100% Maui Coffee collection.  We also offer many different varieties of 100% Kona Coffee grown on Hawai’i’s Big Island, as well as our Favorite Blends, featuring generous proportions of Hawaiian-grown coffees.


Do you offer decaf options?

  • We do!  Visit our Decaf collection page for a listing of options including 100% single-origin Hawaiian decaf, decaf blends and flavored decaf.
  • Want to learn more about the decaffeination process?  Click here for our blog comparing the Swiss Water Process and other methods.

Which coffees do you offer in K-Cups and Nespresso Capsules?

Almost all of our coffees are available in Keurig-compatible pods (K-Cups) or Nespresso Originaline capsules.  We make our pods in-house from freshly-roasted, freshly-ground premium coffee.  Look on any product page for “Click here for Keurig compatible pods & Nespresso-style capsules.”  Or, view the entire collection here

You can learn more by reading our blog: The Perfect Pod


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How long does shipping take?

Most orders ship out 1-2 days after being placed.  Shipping times are as follows:

  • USPS to the US mainland: 3-5 business days
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What’s the best way to store my coffee?

We recommend a cool, dark, dry place.  A kitchen cabinet is usually fine.  We advise against refrigerating or freezing your coffee.  Our resealable bags with one-way valves will keep your coffee fresh, as will airtight coffee cannisters.  Our ‘How to Store Coffee’ blog has more in-depth information.


Which type of grind should I choose?

If you have a high-quality burr grinder, we always recommend you buy whole bean coffee and grind it fresh for brewing.  If you’d like us to grind it for you, we do so at no extra charge.  Select the appropriate grind specification from the “Grind Options’ menu on the product page:

  • Coarse: French Press, Cold Brew, Coffee Cupping
  • Drip: Drip Coffee Machine, Aeropress, Pour Over
  • Fine: Vacuum Pots, Siphon Brewers
  • Espresso: Espresso Machine, Moka Pot

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