Maui Microlot Sampler
Maui Microlot Sampler
Maui Microlot Sampler

Maui Microlot Sampler

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Three outstanding coffees from our favorite Maui farms:

Maui High Mountain - One of our favorite coffees of all time. You wonʻt want the taste to fade - and it wonʻt! Prepare to be amazed by the rich, complex and lingering finish of this ultra-premium high-elevation Maui classic.

Olinda Heights - Meticulously harvested and processed, these beans are outstanding in flavor, consistency and nuance. Cherry, vanilla and almond notes sparkle while a syrupy darkness gives an abiding foundation to the cup.

Nau Coffee - nurtured but the Nau winds in the uplands of Kula, Maui, this hand-picked estate coffee is proudly offered by Hālau Hula I Kona Mau Lima. Enjoy this medium-bodied, smooth finishing coffee with its aromatic notes of cherry and almond. Indulge in a taste of the Islands as you support Hawaiian culture. Proceeds go to Hālau Hula I Kona Mau Lima and support their mission of Hawaiian artistry and cultural ambassadorship through Hula. 

All three ultra-premium, exceedingly rare coffees are available at a deep discount when you order the Maui Microlot Sampler. Here at The Coffee Store, it is our great pleasure to offer these one-of-a-kind coffees. You wonʻt find them anywhere else.