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Keurig-Compatible Pods & Nespresso-Style Capsules

Here at The Coffee Store, we make our own single-serve coffee pods in-house to ensure complete freshness. Enjoying our fresh-roasted premium Hawaiian coffee is now more convenient than ever. Our two varieties are K-Cups (Keurig-compatible single-serve pods) and Nespresso-style capsules for perfect espresso shots on all ‘OriginalLine’ machines. 


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Single-serve coffee pods

Home brewers have myriad options when deciding how to make their coffee. Some methods require an investment of time and painstaking attention, while others are geared toward speed and efficiency. In recent years, coffee-making technology has improved to the point that ultra-convenient single-serve brew methods can be used to make a delicious cup of coffee in seconds. Here at The Coffee Store, we want all stripes of home-brewers to enjoy the tastiest coffee possible, so we make our own single-serve coffee pods with premium Hawaiian coffee right here in our Haiku, Maui roastery.

Keurig-compatible pods (“K-cups”)

Keurig is the industry standard system for brewing single-serve cups of drip coffee from individual pods, or “K-cups”. A Keurig pod contains approximately 10g of ground coffee in a miniature filter basket. During brewing, the pod and its foil lid are pierced and hot water drips through the grounds yielding one 8oz cup of filtered drip coffee. After brewing, the pods with the filter and spent grounds can be discarded together, so no additional clean-up is required.
K-cups from The Coffee Store are compatible with all Keurig brewers, including the ‘Keurig 2.0’ models. We seal them in-house from freshly-ground, freshly-roasted coffee. No one else offers as wide a range of 100% Hawaiian coffees and coffee blends in this format. Try your favorite offering from The Coffee Store in a K-cup. Or try our most popular K-cups: 100% Kona Pure Ecstasy, 100% Kona Estate and 100% Ka’anapali Peaberry.

Nespresso Capsules

Long the standard for home-brewed espresso in Europe, Nespresso is steadily gaining popularity in America, too. We offer capsules in the Nespresso ‘Originaline’ format – small, conical capsules containing a compressed ‘puck’ of coffee that’s optimized for espresso preparations. For ease, value and quality, Nespresso Originaline is in a league of its own. For an excellent shot, try any of the blends in our Dark Roasts and Hawaiian Café Blends collection… Maui Espresso is an enduring favorite.
In addition to “Originaline’ capsules, Nespresso also makes ‘Vertuoline’ pods. As of this writing, third parties are not allowed to make Vertuo pods due to patent rules, so The Coffee Store does not offer Vertuo pods. If you’d like to try our coffee in your Vertuo brewer, look for a reusable silicone Vertuo pod and enjoy the coffee of your choice.

While we’re talking about reusable pods…

New styles of single-serve capsule are always coming to the market. While we can’t produce compatible capsules for every brewer, many of them have refillable, reusable pods that you can use with any coffee you like. Reusable pods are usually made of silicone or metal, so they’re fairly durable and easy to clean. And they don’t create additional plastic waste.

Look for refillable options for the following pod/capsule brewers:

  • Dolce Gusto
  • K-Fee / Caffitaly
  • Lavazza A Modo Mio
  • Vittorio Espressotoria
  • Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E)

Keep it clean

As with any equipment in your kitchen, it’s important to clean and maintain your single-serve brewer for optimum flavor and performance. Remember that brewing espresso requires high and precise levels of water pressure. Residues from hard water can lead to pressure loss and ruined coffee. ‘Descale’ your machine regularly in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.

Satisfying coffee in mere moments

Stop by our roastery sometime and you’re likely to find us sealing Keurig pods and Nespresso capsules on small tabletop presses. The same premium coffee that we offer by the bag goes into our single-serve pods. That presents you with a unique opportunity: to enjoy premium, roastery-fresh Hawaiian coffee in the most convenient formats. Just remember to use some of that time you’re saving to savor the coffee. Enjoy!

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